"rare breed of talent...
he will place you in the song." 
- Nashville Music Guide


Epp has won the admiration and hearts of an audience that spans the globe. He sings with a tenderness that belies an honesty seldom seen, and a weighty pitch that travels right to the core. His existence has been in constant flux since he was a teenager, having lived everywhere from the desolate Canadian prairies to bustling big cities, hitchhiking all over Canada and traveling the world in between. This wealth of experience has turned him into one of the country's best live acts; he is a stark and confessional songwriter and a rare performer with the ability to take you into his world and make you feel like, in an instant, a true friend. Endowed with an infinite capacity to engage an audience with soul-inspiring, beautifully honest songs and a genial disposition, Epp is one of the gifted forerunners defining the future landscape of Canadian music. 

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